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Review: Those Who Knew – New Perspective EP.

Those Who Knew self release their EP this week, New Perspective. The debut EP from the band who have been gaining fans as they play their part of the world, Those Who Knew have released their (catchy) first single from the record Losing Touch, which you can listen to here.

Filled with energy, this band keep a great pace on this record with some great timing, building those choruses into energy packed moments On these tracks. The drums really accentuate the choruses perfectly and combined with the guitars this band certainly know how to make music that you want to listen to, Shadows In The Sea stands out for those reasons.

Within the writing you can listen to those Deaf Havana and Lower Than Atlantis influences particularly on tracks such as Seventeen where they have that honest lyricism with huge hooks that those bands and this band do incredibly well and that infectious sound continues on Nothing Left To Lose, the band creating a hook that is anthemic in existence and delivered with those raw vocals, which make for a memorable combination.

New Perspective have some great songs on this EP.  Some infectious choruses and strong melodies, this band are just getting started and I look forward to what else this band can do as they create their sound. Highlights for me are Seventeen and Losing Touch but if you’re into catchy Alt Rock, Those Who Knew are the perfect band for you. This is a band that should be kept an eye on.



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