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Review: Blood Command – Cult Drugs.

Blood Command release their new album this week, Cult Drugs through Fysisk Format. The band who follow up from their incredible album Funeral Beach, Blood Command certainly have a lot to live up to and they do it well here. You can give a listen to one of the highlights of the new album Quitters Don’t Smoke here.

This band do not mess around, they go straight for the jugular from the moment this album starts with impressive drum work that powers these tracks and guitars that are reminiscent of some of the best. The guitars build this heavy atmosphere from the start and keeps this album’s energy relentless. This is an album destined to turn you into a mess live, a record is made for moshing to.

Vocally this album is strong, brutal but strong, the words delivered by Karina Ljone are angrier than ever as she screams every word and she does it in style. Title track Cult Drugs is a barrage of fury vocally that is just incredible to listen to.  Inspired by the political manipulation rising in Europe, there’s a lot to be angry about and this shows on this record with a raw honesty to the lyricism, particularly on tracks such Quitters Don’t Smoke and The Secret Impresses No One.

A band that has just refined itself to create something better than before, Blood Command have taken their influences from Rave Culture and Metal and slammed them together and made Cult Drugs and I am grateful for it. This band have a Metal album you can dance to with a political message – It kinda shouldn’t work but it does. Highlights for me on this record are Gang Signs, The Secret Impresses No One and the title track Cult Drugs is worthy of its name, standing out on this record with ease.



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