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Review: The Devil In Faust – Come Apart EP.

Come Apart is the new EP from The Devil In Faust who self release this week. The three piece who have been around since 2014, first as a duo then a trio have garned attention for creating some great tracks and that doesn’t change here. You can listen to Soulmate from the EP here.

The dark sound to the EP lingers in the background as its taken over by the sound of the energetic guitars that power through the opening track Cross Your Heart, but that sound grows on this EP adding to that Gothic sound this band are going for, and they do it well. The drums are perfectly in time, this band accentuating those hooks brilliantly with every beat.

There’s some good writing, this is a band who can create great choruses that are made to be sung along to especially on tracks such as Cross Your Heart. But on tracks such as In My Eyes the pace slows down and highlights some of the strength of the writing on this record and these are delivered with a vocal that works perfectly with the sound of the EP. The Devil In Faust certainly show what they can do on Come Apart.

Come Apart is a strong debut from the band, who certainly create dark but energetic melodies well, the guitar work bringing the tracks to life with real ease and choruses that pull you into these songs. Highlights for me are Cross Your Heart and Soulmate.





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