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Review: Anna Coogan – The Lonely Cry Of Space And Time.

Anna Coogan this week releases her new album, The Lonely Cry Of Space And Time. Brought up on the protest songs of Bob Dylan and an alumnus of the prestigious Mozarteum University of Salzburg in Austria, Anna is an accomplished guitarist, as well as a composer, producer and singer and this album certainly makes this clear.

Incredible melodies abound from the start of the record,  Coogan displays her prowess with sound from the beginning. Huge beats race through these tracks with rare brilliance particularly on tracks such as Collateral. Inspiration seems to be taken from all over the world and she fuses these influences into creating extravagant sounds. Instrumental pieces such as Last Exit add to the atmosphere of the album brilliantly.

The vocals do sound incredible too, there is no denying that. Almost operatic on tracks such as Burn For You and If You Were The Sun they display the clarity of her vocal with perfection. There is something about her voice that carries and conveys so much emotion in these moments and makes for an incredible sound throughout the album. Lyrically, it seems like an album of personal reflection, particularly on songs such as Meteor and that honesty in the form of poetry works throughout the record.

Though the songs in place can sound quite conflicting, this is a display of real talent on this album, Coogan showcasing what she does best on this album, sharing a collection of great melodies and futuristic beats which combined with her incredible voice makes for a sensational record. Highlights for me on The Lonely Cry Of Space And Time are Collateral, If You Were The Sun and Wedding Vow.



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