Review: Foxpalmer – Locked In Memory.

Foxpalmer, aka Fern McNulty is a singer-songwriter who releases her new album tomorrow Locked In Memory through ScreamLite Records. Her debut album brings together folk, country, soul and pop rock sounds and makes for an incredible listen. You can find out more about the musician through Facebook here.

A musician that’s gifted with creating some stunning acoustic melodies that shine throughout this record. On tracks such as Fault and Alone these melodies are subtle and blend well with the drumbeats that add to the mood of these songs – you can hear the Rock and Country vibes throughout these tracks which are genres known for their sincerity, and this EP is certainly that.

McNulty’s vocals have a raw feeling and they deliver these tracks with emotion that remind me a little of bands such as The Cranberries. The lyricism is heartbreaking and written with real integrity, with huge choruses on tracks such as In My Head that keep captivating your attention. This combined with the melodies, does make for a great listen.

A solid debut from a musician blooming into her sound, it certainly makes clear just what Foxpalmer can do. Acoustic versions of these tracks, particularly Alone accentuate the sound of her vocals as she twirls them through the songs and the melodies back her up well. Highlights for me are Alone and Fault Acoustic which highlight those vocals and tracks such as Where Do You Sleep Tonight? Highlight the poetic writing which can only get better.



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