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Review: Hajk – Self Titled.

Hajk release their new Self Titled album today through Jansen Plateproduksjon. A strange combination of different influences and sounds, Hajk certainly create something unique on this album and it makes for an intriguing listen.  You can listen to opening track Magazine now through Youtube here.

Bombastic sounds emerge which combined with slowed down beats work throughout this record next to one another work well and are the first things you notice from Hajk. Nothing Left To Say and Flowerdust are very different sounding tracks but next to one another it works here as the band have a common thread of big beats that run through this album and naturally work on every track.

The band create some great pop songs and that is never clearer on this album. Infectious hooks there are for sure on this album with tracks such as  Best Friend where the simple chorus pulls you in and doesn’t let you go with a 70’s vibe on that track that makes for a bittersweet listen considering the theme of losing a friend. Slowed down pop grooves on tracks such as Medicine stand out too, with a hook that is captivating and delivered with the male/female vocal combination it does make for one of the stand out tracks on this album.

Hajk are a band who naturally make melodies, creating a distinct sound that I think only they could make and  this album is a product of that talent. Great vocals deliver some huge hooks and lyricism that keeps it real on this record that makes for an album that needs to be heard – tracks such as Not Anymore are perfect examples of this. An immense collection of songs, it can feel conflicting in places, but individually they sound brilliant. Highlights for me are Medicine, Not Anymore and Somebody Else is a heartfelt end to the album.




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