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Review: The Other Stars – The Day We Met.

The Day We Met is the new album from The Other Stars who release their album through Take This To Heart Records today. For fans of bands such as Modern Baseball and with production credit going to Arun Bali of Saves The Day, it should be given a listen – something you can do via New Noise Magazine here.

With strong riffs from the start, The Other Stars begin this album creating some great sombre melodies that work with the emotional lyricism on this album. This is particularly clear on opening track Everyone I Know, the melodies partnered with the raw lyrics work so well on this track and that continues in places throughout this album, Fragile is another excellent example of this.

The band’s writing has a storytelling style throughout with some solid hooks that keep you listening, Castle Hill in particular stands out for its storytelling and it makes for a stand out track, and followed by Mr Boston, these songs really do show what this band can do writing wise on The Day We Met and Mr Boston raises the energy on this album at the perfect time too.

The Other Stars might be releasing their swansong album today, and if that’s the case they go out well, showcasing their expertise in melodies they have built and writing that certainly doesn’t sound like a rookie. Highlights on this record are Mr Boston and Everyone I Know.



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