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Review: New Found Glory – Makes Me Sick.

Image result for makes me sick new found gloryNew Found Glory yesterday released their new album ‘Makes Me Sick’ through Hopeless Records. Already releasing some tracks from the record including the infectiously good Happy Being Miserable and second single Party On Apocalypse, New Found Glory try to follow up Resurrection. You can find the album now on Spotify here.

This band do have a signature sound, I think that’s clear on this album however, its a really good signature. The band have a natural way with creating energetic riffs and bouncy melodies on tracks such as Party On Apocalypse that make it clear why they have inspired a whole generation of Pop Punk bands but also fusing little retro throwbacks on Call Me Anti-Social.

Makes Me Sick certainly has its fair share of choruses throughout, Happy Being Miserable being just the tip of the iceberg on this album. This band create some huge choruses on tracks such as Blurred Vision and Say It Don’t Spray It, and delivered with Pundik’s unique vocal, this album is lyrically strong as the band throw in some new sounds on Makes Me Sick.  Tracks such as The Sound Of Two Voices have huge hooks and certainly are ready to be stuck in your head too.

Makes Me Sick is a great album, the band bringing in different melodies and sounds but sticking to their own, and that sound is pretty damned good. The touches of 80’s melodies are used to on this album to perfection, adding a little more bounce to the album which works with the more optimistic approach on this album, well with songs such as Short And Sweet it certainly feels it. Highlights for me on this record are Happy Being Miserable, Say It Don’t Spray it and The Cheapest Thrill ends the album well.




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