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Review: Black Lips – Satan’s graffiti or God’s art?

Black Lips this week release their new album Satan’s Graffiti Or God’s Art through Vice Records. Their first record in three years, the Flower Punk pioneers have come back with avengeance on this new album, their new record bursting with fuzzy Rock and Roll that makes for an incredible listen.

A band that just packs this album with big Rock melodies throughout this band use their versatility to create something unique too, with use of vocals and dramatic sounds to add to their melodies, this is definitely made clear on tracks such as Can’t Hold On which is just full of an infectious bounce that stands out on this record.

That raw vocal that delivers each of these (which is sort of are Bob Dylan-esque, could be just me) drive these songs forward delivering these tracks with a drawling vocal that adds to the atmosphere of the album. The faraway sound of the vocals of Got Me All Alone works with the dark mood this track creates on the album. However there are moments of lightness on tracks such as Crystal Night which is an retro Acoustic gem I could listen to forever.

A band that has created a very odd but brilliant record, Black Lips have created a vast collection of songs that range so many genres, Acoustic, Rock And Roll and the Country and Western vibes on tracks such as Rebel Intuition make me think this track should be in a Western sometime soon.  It’s an album that is so eclectic, that it makes for a fascinating listen, there’s a track for every mood and a song for any genre. Highlights for me are Crystal Night, Can’t Hold On and In My Mind There’s A Dream, the interludes connecting this album brilliantly.




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