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Review: Sound Of The Sirens – For All Our Sins.

Sound Of The Sirens this week release their new album, For All Our Sins through DMF Records.  A collection of Acoustic Pop tracks, For All Our Sins is the debut from the duo who have released a taste of the album already,  Smokescreen which you can give a listen to here.

A talent for melodies that shines from the start of the album, For All Our Sins is an upbeat record with a lovely energy that makes it such a joy to listen to throughout. The duo keep it simple, with gentle acoustic sounds with some subtle drumwork that drops in all the right places to really emphasise some great moments on the songs, this is particularly clear on tracks such as Mr Wilson.

These vocals are just a delight to listen to. Blending together beautifully on this album, particularly on tracks such as Chaos this is also where they also deliver such a great chorus, something that is consistent on this record. A honest album that is delivered so delicately, the lyrics are poetic with big hooks that just make for some great earworms. Tracks such as Cross Our Hearts are perfect examples of this style they have lyrically and it makes for a highlight.

One of my new favourite records, Sound Of The Sirens create an incredible debut album that emphasises just what they can do in every way, and what they can do is make brilliant Pop songs. Weaving stunning melodies through eleven tracks,  For All Our Sins is heavenly to listen to melodically and then the vocals add another level of brilliance. Highlights for me on this album are Smokescreen, Grow and Cross Our Hearts. However if you like well made Acoustic songs, Sound Of The Sirens might be your new favourite band.



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