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Review: Swordfish – Rodia.

Rodia is the latest record from Swordfish, who release their new album this week through Take This To Heart Records. For fans of bands such as Modern Baseball and Sorority Noise (the album mastered by Boucher himself), Swordfish have a great record which is being streamed now through Washed Up Emo here.

A band that packs this album with emotion driven melodies from the beginning, this band’s influences certainly are clear on this record and it is no bad thing. Heavy guitar melodies and drum beats that add to the depth of the sound really are brought to the fore on this record with ease – the guitars are used well on this record, particularly on tracks such as Social Drinker.

”Everything from mental health, heartbreak, existentialism and accidently burning your friends with lit cigarettes is addressed on this album” according to lead singer Chandler Lach, and they cover such a broad range of topics lyrically incredibly well. There’s a rawness to the vocal that delivers the lyrics brilliantly throughout the album, songs such as I’m Okay, certainly deliver a melancholic chorus on this track, the vocals delivering it with a brutal honesty so rarely done this well, and a good use of group vocals to drive the strength of the lyrics home.

Swordfish deliver with Rodia an album that shines a light on what this band do best. Strong melodies and big hooks, the band certainly show what they can create on this album instrumentally and with musicians working with them such as Cam Boucher and Nick Diener (The Swellers) they highlight what this band can do, making for a great album. Highlights for on this record are Social Drinker and Dentistry.




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