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Review: ERA 9 – Gravity.

Era 9 self release their new album this week, Gravity. For fans of bands such as Twenty One Pilots or Skrillex, Era 9 create their own blend of Metal, Hip Hop and Electronic Dance Music that sounds great. You can listen to a highlight of the album now,  Hero here.

The dual vocals on this record, combining male and female voices work throughout these tracks bringing different dimensions to the album. Those high notes brought to the album by Normandin do gain your attention on tracks such as Warrior which work with Lalla’s raw sound which showcases this band’s real talent for delivering strong choruses.

This band’s different influences certainly make for a great blend on this album that pulls in Rock, Pop and Metal elements that just work together so well throughout. Songs such as Gravity with their huge hooks and bouncy, energetic melodies capture your attention, the drumwork creating a great foundation for the groove on this track and it is certainly not alone on this album.  Earthquake has its strong Rap verses with a dramatic plunge into a huge chorus delivered with some veracity that this band bring on every track.

Era 9 make an ideal debut album with Gravity. An album that explores the band’s influences but creating an awesome sound of their own that live is going to wake people up with a start. This band create some great melodies throughout with tracks such as Gravity and that energy that never lets up on this album. Highlights for me on this record are Hero, Gravity and some great slowed down melodies on tracks such as Haunt Your Monsters really work on this album.



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