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Review: Ed Poole & Seven Years Behind – Split EP.

Promo 002.jpgThe debut record on new label launched today, Doing Life Records, their first two signings Ed Poole and Seven Years Behind show what they can do on their split EP with two original tracks each and a cover that leave you wanting more.  You can find out more about Doing Life now through Facebook here.

Ed Poole opens this EP and opens it incredibly well. Strong melodies brought to you by some excellent acoustic guitar work, these tracks certainly prove less is more, with subtle drumwork on songs like Sit Down Before You Hurt Yourself (Again) certainly proves this creating a nice groove on this track that needs to be heard. These melodies combined with the vocals makes for some incredible harmonies,  with a voice that matches the quality of the sound Poole is creating

Seven Years Behind continues the high standard set on this record. A more raw sound to the vocal here with a Rock vibe to the tracks, particularly on The Giant, where the guitars bring a great energy to the track and a heavier drum sound wakes this track up just at the right time to bring in those vocals. The cover of Pedro The Lion’s Magazine  that wraps up this EP however slows down the pace of Seven Years Behind and it makes for a highlight.

Doing Life certainly have picked two musicians with a lot of promise with Ed Poole and Seven Years Behind. Both vocalists have a high standard to their lyricism and a natural way with melodies that is made clear on every one of their original tracks on this record. Highlights for me are The Giant and I’m Sure It’s Fine.


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