New Videos Out This Week!

New videos this week come from Pvris, Chloe Foy and Venetian.

1).  Pvris – Heaven – The first look of the band’s new album, Pvris return with Heaven and just showcase  how incredible Lynn Gunn’s voice is. Seriously. I expect nothing but greatness when their new album is released in August if White Noise is anything to go by.

2).  Holdn – Are You That Somebody (Aaliyah cover) – I recently heard her new track Burn, which is brilliant, and this cover showcases that vocal she has with real brilliance. A strong cover, I recommend checking  out Holdn – this is a musician with incredible potential.

3).  Satellite Citi – Blue Orchid (White Stripes Cover) – Another cover but also another track that highlights what two musicians can do. A solid cover of a huge track, I look forward to what comes next from these musicians who are just beginning to stand out.

4). Crossing Rubicon – Who’s Gonna Save You – The latest single from the band, Crossing Rubicon make Rock songs and they do it incredibly well. With excellent riffs and a brutal energy, this band have fantastic drumwork and big melodies that are worth listening to.

5). Syteria – I’m All Woman – Syteria are a band that incorporate Rock, Pop and Punk energies together and make a huge track about, according to Jax Chambers ”those individuals who believe themselves to be God’s gift to the opposite sex, they see others as objects and as play things for their own amusement”. Check it out.

6).  Chloe Foy – Are We There Yet? – Following live dates this month in support of Jesca Hoop, Chloe Foy returns with “Are We There Yet”, the second track to be taken from her forthcoming synonymous EP which will be released on Friday 12th May.

7).  Grace Askew – Warrior – Taken from an album that will be released early next year, Askew releases a track showcasing the evolution of her music from its pure Americana roots to a modern, genre-pushing sound that I am sure you will love, worth a listen, I assure you.

8). Venetian – Echo – alternative pop trio Venetian is set to launch in 2017 with Echo. A  fantastic slice of alternative pop, dance and indie-inspired music combined with incredible vocal melodies, Venetian are certainly set to do great things, listen to their new track now.

9). Kristeen Young – Nice – NYC-based, eclectic, operatic-punk piano artist, Kristeen Young, releases the video for  Nice from her upcoming album, ​Live at the Witch’s Tit, due out later this year. An album that’s going to include musicians from Ghost and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, this album has so much promise.



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