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Review: Chloe Foy – Are We There Yet? EP.

Chloe Foy self releases her new EP this week, Are We There Yet?. Recently described as ‘stunning’ by Line Of Best Fit and seen on tour with Jesca Hoop, Foy certainly is a talent not to be missed. You can listen to highlight of the EP Flaws through Soundcloud here.

Foy’s vocals are incredible. A subtle vocal that delivers some brilliant but raw lyricism on this record, Foy harmonises with the melodies she has created beautifully on every song. The emotion her voice carries on tracks such as Song For D certainly shines,  but it glows on the EP’s title track as she delivers the words with real purpose – the supporting vocals certainly backing her voice up in all the right moments.

The melodies deliver well with the vocals on ‘Are We There Yet?’ with easy guitar melodies and piano sounds that make the vocals stand out further on this record.  Songs such as Henry certainly make this clear and again the title track continues to stand out on this EP, the melodic timing is brilliant on this track and you can hear why it’s the song the record is named after.

Are We There Yet? Is an EP that shines a light on some incredible talent. Incredible vocals that brings Folk and Indie elements together incredibly well and highlights Foy’s vocals that are definitely something that needs to be heard. Highlights for me are Are We There Yet? (Shock!) and Henry.



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