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Review: Gun Shy – The Long Dance.

Gun Shy release their new EP this week, The Long Dance through Wrong Way Round Records. The band who follow up from their first EP from last year, First Transmission which took from genres such as Post Punk and Doom, this band certainly have formed their own sound. You can hear this on track, In Perfect Silence here.

The sound of this record is bombastic the moment it begins, which contrasting with the spoken word on first track Refine You Like Silver makes for an incredible and intriguing sound. In contrast to this is Test You Like Gold where the band slows down the pace and brings some huge group vocals that work with the riffs and explosive drums that bring this track to life.

The vocals are haunting in places and raw and aggressive in others, Whilst You Execute is a perfect example of this, the band delivering great lyricism through Spoken Word and then hitting you with an incredible screaming vocal that delivers that raw writing brilliantly. This continues on title track The Long Dance too, as the band deliver a huge chorus that makes for a stand out on this EP.

An EP that allows to  the band further explore their sound, Gun Shy create a record that certainly makes you pay attention and it’s certainly a must listen, particularly for the guitar work on tracks such as In Perfect Silence and the drumwork on tracks such as The Long Dance – these make for my highlights on this EP, go listen to it.



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