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Review: Tigress – Like It Is EP.

Tigress are set to release their EP this Friday, Like It Is. The band who have released some huge singles, including Give Me A Chance and Headaches (One of my new favourite tracks!)  continue this sound on their new record. You can preorder the EP through iTunes now here.

This band pack this short record with some huge choruses. Headaches, yes, is infectious but this continues on tracks such as Power Lines where Jackson’s vocal power is on full display throughout delivering each explosive hook as the track builds.  Lyrically this band have it nailed with raw but catchy Rock tunes that need to be played loudly.

The choruses are matched by this band’s melodic prowess.  Songs such as Shockwave take down the pace on this EP beautifully, with sombre guitars and precise but subtle drumwork that is a theme that runs through this EP. The drums on this EP set the foundation on this record with bombastic beats on tracks such as Headaches and creating nice grooves on Give Me A Chance, that work with the guitars throughout.

An impressive display of what this band can do, Tigress establish just how good they are at creating huge Rock melodies and choruses that are made to be played live. This whole EP is definitely a great listen throughout but highlights for me are Headaches and Shockwaves – check Like It Is out now through Kerrang! You won’t regret it.




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