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Review: Yazz Ahmed – La Saboteuse.

La Saboteuse is the latest record from Yazz Ahmed and her quintet, which is released on Friday through Naim Records. the British Bahrani jazz composer Yazz Ahmed, who has worked with the likes of Radiohead and  The Manic Street Preachers, certainly can create something brilliant and it shows on this album.

There is no denying just how good the music is on this album. The use of different sounds and melodies makes for a treat to the ears on this album from the start. Tracks such as Jamil Jamal are perfect examples of this with the use of Wurlitzer Piano and what I think is Flugelhorn for contrast that makes for a captivating listen and creates a cool groove on this track.

The atmospheric sound of The Space Between The Fish And The Moon, is the perfect title for such a piece of music. Creating a sound that is reminiscent of a lack of gravity, it’s airiness combined with twinkling instrumental sounds is brilliant throughout the track as it builds, Ahmed fusing together different layers that make for a dramatic track that just keeps pulling you in. Al Emadi showcases the composer’s  Middle Eastern Influences with beats that pop through the music that just burst with imagination.

I am no expert in this genre, but this album certainly makes me wish I was as I could expertly lay out to you just about how many things impress on me on this record. An expertise in creating music with the use of instruments that work seamlessly together to create slow burning grooves or tracks to unwind too, it’s album of rare ingenuity that if you’re a Jazz fan should be listened to.  Highlights for me are Jamil Jamal, Al Emadi and The Lost Pearl however you need to hear this in its entirety.



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