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Review: Julian Fulton – Battered Receptions EP.

Julian Fulton releases his EP this week, Battered Receptions. Battered Receptions follows another shift for Fulton as he took the opportunity to collect his thoughts, write, and demo material alone and it is certainly a great listen. You can listen to Howl, a highlight of the EP through Soundcloud here.

Fulton’s melodies on this EP are great. Creating some big Rock tracks with guitar riffs and drumwork that emphasises those big choruses that he creates, it certainly makes for a great listen, particularly on opening track Howl. This continues on the chilled out, slow melodies of A Familiar Kind Of Unknown that uses different sounds and subtle drumwork to create a track that breaks this EP with shortness yes, but also sweetness.

Battered Receptions throughout has some great lyricism, with hooks on tracks such as Howl that are infectious but also a honest style that works throughout these tracks. This shows on tracks such as Stranger’s Advice which shines a light on the storytelling quality of Fulton’s lyrics – these combined with the huge melodies that he creates alone on this EP, certainly make for a great listen from start to finish.

A strong EP, Battered Receptions continues to see Julian Fulton build on his sound and it is a great sound he is creating.  Captivating melodies and a honest way with words, Fulton doesn’t disappoint. Highlights for me are Howl and closing track For You, that finishes the EP brilliantly with the combination of male and female vocals.



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