New Videos

New Videos Out This Week!

New videos this week come from Blood Command,  Tricot and Hajk.

1). Blood Command – (The World Covered In) Purple Shrouds – This band’s new album Cult Drugs is incredible and so is this track. A huge Metal song, this band just keep doing amazing things and this is proof of that.

2). Tricot – Melon Soda – Their new album comes out next week through Big Scary Monsters, and listening to tracks such as this, it’s going to be a phenomenal record.

3). Steph Copeland – Nadia – Copeland is known for creating scores for films, but here she creates something for herself and it sounds incredible, her delicate voice working with those guitar melodies with incredible ease.

4). Quiet Boy – Supergirl – Quiet Boy are back with new singleSupergirlfrom theirEarwig’ EP which is coming out June 2nd and it’s a lo-fi electro glitch indie beauty.

5). Hajk – Not Anymore – Taken from their new album, Hajk release another highlight from a great record. A great mix of Indie and Pop, this band create something brilliant, and it shows here.

6). Attraction To Tragedy – Slaughter Road – A highlight from the record,  this band certainly do create  tracks with big Pop hooks but also a penchant for big Metal riffs that work in combination on this track incredibly well.

7). Doll Skin – Shut Up (You Miss Me) – Phoenix pop-punk favorites Doll Skin have released “Shut Up (You Miss Me)” the first single from their upcoming LP Manic Pixie Dream Girl, and going by this, it’s looking good.

8). Honeyblood – Walking After Midnight – Another awesome song from an awesome album, this band bring the tension from the track to this video and it makes for a great listen and a great music video.


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