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Review: Seasonal – Bloom EP.

Bloom is the new EP from Seasonal which they self release this week. An emotionally weathered offering of heartfelt pop rock, reminiscent of Jimmy Eat World, Deaf Havana and Taking Back Sunday – this new EP is certainly a great listen. You can give a listen to Certainty, one of tracks from the EP through YouTube here.

Creators of bouncy melodies and energetic riffs, this band get this EP started with Certainty which certainly is a great start. The guitars give the track life and combined with the drumwork it does stand out – the melodies get better as the record goes on, tracks such as These Games certainly stand out as the band begin to create something that really shows what this band can do.

The lyricism is strong throughout this record. A raw but emotional EP, tracks such as Homeward – a song about loss, certainly make this clear, this EP  is one of reminiscing on better times and it is done lyrically very well, this also shows on tracks such as Headphones, reminiscing about life – and delivered by Truseler’s vocals these songs certainly are delivered with greatness.

Seasonal is a strong EP, with some good melodies and better lyricism that really captures your attention throughout this EP, the band making a strong debut record that is certainly personal. The tracks that stand out to me here are Headphones and Homeward, Seasonal show what this band do best on tracks like this.




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