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Review: Tricot – 3.

Tricot this week release their new album 3 through Big Scary Monsters. The band formed in Kyoto, Japan in 2010, and  have gained a steadily-growing following with their high-energy live shows throughout Asia, Europe and North America over the past few years, recently supporting The Pixies in the UK. You can see the video for Melon Soda, a highlight of the record here.

If anything this band are, it’s unpredictable. The way they create melodies that contrast and conflict is brilliant, because they make it work on this album. Tracks such as Wabi-Sabi certainly make this clear with big powerful riffs and drums that create the foundation for a great track. This energy continues throughout the album as the band use retro influences and crunchy rock riffs in excellent combinations, just listen to DeDeDe.

The vocals deliver on every track and though you may not understand the words as the band use their native tongue of Japanese on this record, they still convey great emotion on these tracks, particularly songs such as Sukima where the softer vocals combined with the cool Math Rock sound works brilliantly together. This continues on the Lo-Fi feel of tracks such as Pork Side where the band make a short but sweet burst of sound that just works on this record, breaking up the huge sounds this band create  in the middle of the album.

A great album that continues the uniquely brilliantly  sound this band have been building on their EP’s, Tricot pools influences to make a record that is packed with punchy energy and excellent melodies that holds your attention throughout. Highlights for me on this record are Wabi-Sabi, ’09, 18, 19′  and Melon Soda that wraps up this album with real class.  These songs live are going to be amazing live, if you can, see this band.



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