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Review: Jade Jackson – Gilded.

Jade Jackson Gilded Anti Album ArtworkJade Jackson releases her album this week through Anti-, Gilded. Gilded from the start is an album of experience, where Jackson’s influences are brought together on an album and it makes for an incredible sound from start to finish. You can give a listen to track Finish Line from the album through YouTube here.

A voice you could listen to all day, with a stunning smokiness that delivers every word with emotion and when the words are this good, it makes for an incredible listen. With songs about life and love on the album, opening track Aden is about the loss of love, with a huge chorus that breaks your heart followed up by the reminiscent Back Then which does the same in a whole new way.

A collection of influences create the melodies throughout this album, Jackson fuses dark melodies with Folk and Country, the country notes being the loudest, keeping a classic country vibe on this album that never gets boring. Songs such as Finish Line stand out for their incredible guitar melodies and equally as good vocals that really make this track a highlight and this continues on tracks such as Troubled End which is the Spaghetti Western vibed track of your dreams.

Gilded is an album that doesn’t stop surprising you in just how good it is in so many ways. Melodically brilliant and lyrically impressive, Jackson’s debut is a Country album that needs to be heard. If you’re looking for sugary lyrics, you won’t find them here, but you will find a raw singer-songwriter with a real way with words. Highlights for me are Finish Line, Good Time Gone and Motorcycle, which though was the first single, is still just as impressive as when I first heard it.



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