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Review: Pete Lynch – Kill The Monster.

Pete Lynch this week releases his sophomore album, Kill The Monster. Lynch explores different creative avenues, experimenting with keys and tempos, and using a variety of electronic elements to create a larger and fuller sound with an intriguing vibrant sonic atmosphere and it works. You can listen to Til The Rivers Run Dry from the album here.

Big on hooks throughout the album, Lynch certainly has some infectious lines and choruses from the start. Kill The Monster certainly is a track that will get stuck in your head and that continues on Come Down delivered with a strong vocal throughout that really delivers with perfect timing, with soaring vocals in the right moments that stand out.

The melodies are strong from start to finish, with dark brooding melodies that compliment the lyrics, with lighter notes on tracks such as Scars where quiet guitar melodies fuse with the lyricism really well. The experimentation with electronic conponents on these songs works well, using them in a way that enhance the choruses and accentuate Lynch’s vocals throughout too, songs such as Where Are You certainly make this clear.

An intriguing album that creates an atmosphere, Lynch’s exploration of sound is a success for him on his new album and combined with a simple but effective lyricism in places, it makes for a great listen. Highlights for me on this album are Til The Rivers Run Dry, Scars and Make No Mistake.



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