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Review: Nineteen Fifty Eight – Dark Blue EP.

Swansea-based alternative rock band Nineteen Fifty Eight will release their new EP Dark Blue this Friday through Transcend Music. The band who have already released the video for title track Dark Blue,  certainly have been gaining attention and listening to this EP, it’s not surprising to see why.

This EP starts with Dark Blue and just gets better from there. This band certainly know how to write a song, with incredible hooks and the delivery from Evans vocally is incredible. A vocalist with real versatility, this shows on tracks such as Under My Skin. Evans powers through with her vocal when needed, but can deliver the emotion when she needs to as well and it’s rarely done this well.

The band back her up in every way too though. The subtle guitars which build into the choruses on songs such as God Forbid are excellent on this album and the intensity they bring to tracks such as Temporary Feelings that with the quiet vocals work flawlessly. The drumwork is there too, giving a great foundation to these songs, particularly on closing song Watch Me Burn that give this track another level of energy.

Dark Blue is an EP packed with promise from this band. A band who know what they want to create and executing it incredibly well, this band melodically do a great job and with a lead singer like Ceryn Evans, I can’t wait to see more of what this band can do. Highlights for me are Dark Blue and Watch Me Burn.





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