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Review: The Wild Now – Afterglow EP.

Image result for the wild now afterglow epThe Wild Now release their EP this week, Afterglow. On Afterglow, driving synths and disco-esque guitar work build on the band’s previous dreamy, island indie pop to create a diverse collection of songs that is a treat to listen to.  You can give a listen to Tongue Tied now from the band here.

This band create huge beats and melodies throughout this EP from the start. Opening track Afterglow is a great dance track with a groove that is impossible to ignore and that Disco vibe shines on tracks such as Run For Your Life which are reminiscent of 70’s dance tracks and make for a fantastic listen.

The Wild Now also have some exceptional writing. The choruses throughout this record are infectious and delivered with such a stunning vocal. Spinning is a perfect example of this – the chorus pulling you in, but the emotion of  the track delivered by Baker’s vocal makes for a stand out track on this EP. Afterglow also highlights this duo’s skill at making choruses that will get stuck in your head.

This duo certainly seem to be made for one another when it comes to making music, the melodies from Walker combined with the vocals of Baker are a match made in heaven and it shows throughout this EP and it makes me want to hear more. An EP packed with some excellent tracks, Afterglow and Spinning stand out but final track Troubled Paradise ends the record with the same excellence as it begins.



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