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Review: Silent Rival – The Kindness Of Strangers.

silent rival shelby duncan photo creditSilent Rival this week released their new album, The Kindness Of Strangers.  Mixed by Neil Aaron who has worked with Twenty One Pilots and Misterwives and Matt Wallace whose worked with Faith No More and Maroon 5 this album is going to sound good and that’s proven by the band’s first single, Die A Little here.

Coda’s vocals are great throughout this record showcasing the power she has with her voice on every track. Songs such as Find Them Beautiful really highlight that strength on this album and continues on tracks such as Paradise where that rawness to her vocal is showcased on this track perfectly, highlighting the writing.

This band’s way with words is very good from the start of The Kindness Of Strangers. With huge hooks and incredible choruses on every track of this album, this band certainly create songs that are designed to get stuck in your head, yes, they keep it simple on tracks such The Only God Is In The Wild however those hooks combined with the melodies this band create, these songs are difficult not to get stuck in your head.

An old school way of creating huge Rock tracks, Silent Rivals do an amazing job on this record showing what they can do. Infectious choruses delivered with some great vocals from Sara Coda that are so versatile on this album, songs such as Take It From Me make this so clear. Highlights for me are Find Them Beautiful, Die A Little and Burn however this album is worth a complete listen, it’s kinda hard to dislike.



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