EPs & Singles.

Review: Fame On Fire – Transitions EP.

Fame On Fire today release their new EP today, Transitions. The band who hail from South Florida have been nurturing their sound for a some time and it shows on this new record.  You can give a listen to single from the EP, Another One here.

Transitions is an album packed with energy throughout. The band’s skill at creating frantic melodies is very clear from start to finish, with huge guitar riffs and drum beats that are relentless on these track and make for an EP that you want to stick on repeat for a long time, particularly on tracks such as Amber and Another One.

Combined with these melodies is the writing, the band partnering them up with choruses that are infectious and ready to be stuck in your head. The band sure keep it simple but that is no bad thing, particularly on tracks Give Me It All, however that runs through this EP and makes me think live this record is going to be so good to hear, as this band have a collection of songs that are designed to make you mosh.

A band that has so much potential, Fame On Fire bring some awesome guitar work and catchy hooks that make an EP that is well worth a listen, particularly if you like bands such as As It Is. Highlights for me on this record are Another One and Give Me It All.



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