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Review: Patent Pending – Other People’s Greatest Hits.

This Friday, Patent Pending release an album of covers, Other People’s Greatest Hits through Rude Records. A vast array of talent covered on this album from The Killers to The Spice Girls, you can give listen to the first single from the album ‘Spice Up Your Life’ here.

A talent for turning any song into an anthem, Patent Pending really do change up these songs that make me think these songs are going to be amazing live. A band that showcases how fun music can be on this album, these songs already have the infectious choruses and this band take advantage of them and turn them into huge rock tunes, it’s genius.

Drum blasts well on covers of tracks such as Shout Out To My Ex and riffs certainly wake up Livin’ La Vida Loca with real energy that makes me wish these tracks could have been made this way, particularly Mr Brightside which gets a shot of energy that I feel it has always needed, with drum beats that give this track more of a raw feel than its original and Patent Pending make it work.

Other People’s Greatest Hits, they may be but Patent Pending certainly make these tracks their own on this album, bringing together ten pop tracks and giving them a Party Rock makeover that in places, they just need. Highlights for me are opening track Wasted Wake Me Up, a great mash up of tracks that sets the tone for the album and Spice Up Your Life, which is made into the great anthem that it’s meant to be.



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