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Review: Duncan Lloyd – IOUOME.

Duncan Lloyd, former lead and guitarist of Mercury Prize nominated band Maximo Park releases his sophomore record IOUOME through Afternoon In Bed Records this week, an album about surviving change. Lloyd has already released a single from the album ‘Heads Of The Bastille’ which you can give a listen to here.

A blend of unique sounds and beats than run riot through this record,  reminiscent of Math Rock melodies, this is particularly clear on tracks such as You Seem Confused where the beats and melodies work together to create a unique rock track. The guitars on this album throughout are incredible and that’s not surprising, particularly acoustic vibed tracks such as Tomorrow’s Fires and tracks such as Painters.

Lyrically, this album is personal, written on long journeys with a longing for being home and going through changes in life, Lloyd expresses this well throughout the record and they are delivered with a vocal that moulds to the emotion of the track – this is particularly clear on tracks such as Really, where the soft vocals work with the dark tones of the melody making for a stand out on this record.

IOUOME is an album that certainly shows what Duncan Lloyd does well, incredible guitar work and moody melodies that weave throughout the album, Lloyd produced it himself and the connectedness of the album certainly makes this clear, the record working seamlessly throughout.  Highlights for me on this album are Tomorrow’s Fire, Painters and Really, however this an album to be appreciated as a whole.



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