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Review: Marlene Enright – Placemats And Second Cuts.

Marlene Enright this week self releases her new album, Placemats And Second Cuts. A mixture of the heavy grooves of RnB,  great folk songs and thickly layered harmonies that are reminiscent of Feist or Bon Iver, Enright certainly is treat to the ears. You can listen to first single Alchemy now here.

Enright’s vocal are stunning through her album. A smooth tone that melts into the melodies perfectly throughout this album, the lyrics are equally as good. An album with depth and introspection throughout, Enright shares her inner thoughts on this record and it makes for a captivating listen. Songs like Sadness pull you in and highlight just how stunning the lyricism is.

The fusion of different styles and melodies works throughout this record. The grooves of RnB dominate this album and it makes for a great sound partnered with Enright’s vocals. A moody vibe to tracks such as Little Things really illustrate this which combined with the huge hook on this track makes for a highlight on this record. Those folk influences can be heard on tracks such as When The Water Is Hot, the subtle guitar work and the drums that build with the track make for something original here.

Placemats And Second Cuts is a great listen, with a focus on simmering grooves and creating moods that partner with Enright’s vocals throughout, working with the emotion of her voice and lyrics that paint a stunning picture from start to finish. Good choruses and hooks in places add to the drama of the record at the right time this is especially true on tracks such as We Were In Trouble, it’s certainly an album that live will sound captivating. Highlights for me are Sadness,  When The Water Is Hot and single, Alchemy.



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