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Review: Coffee Breath – I’ll Lose Interest In This.

Coffee Breath this week release their new EP this week, I’ll Lose Interest In This through Further Sky Records. Drawing inspiration from bands such as Nai Harvest and TTNG, this Indie/Emo band certainly create something great. You can give a listen to the band’s double A single from last year, Runaways/Marshmallows through Spotify here.

This band’s Math Rock influences certainly are clear on this EP from the start. Guitars that just swirl through these tracks with ease, they work brilliantly with the sound this band create, the drum work working with every riff, particularly on tracks such as Playfight, where the melodies are an incredible listen alone.

Tidmarsh’s vocals are excellent, they have such a great tone that melds with the sound the band are creating, and lyrically just as strong. Brutally honest words throughout, Coffee Breath certainly convey that emotion throughout this record, this shows on tracks such as Daydream where that honesty stands out, but also there’s something catchy about it, the band keeping that track stuck in your head and it makes for a highlight.

A short but sweet EP, Coffee Breath continue to make music that should be given your attention. This EP does not have a weak track, the band creating their own sound but certainly making clear who their influences are on their debut record. Highlights for me are Daydream and opening track Summertime – however if you like Math Rock you need to hear this EP, it might be your new favourite record.




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