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Review: Kylie Hughes – Self Titled.

Kylie Hughes this week releases her self titled album. The songstress split her time between Nashville and LA, crafting a collection of songs that bring fans through the highs and lows of her life, showing an artist deeply rooted in knowing exactly what she wants and it shows. You can listen to first single, Heat here.

Hughes has a habit of making some awesome choruses and it shows on this record from the start. Heat is a massive first single, infectious from the moment it starts, this continues on tracks such as Leave It Alone and Hungover, where the choruses are made to get stuck in your head and I don’t think you’ll mind.

The album matches the quality of those hooks with energetic melodies that pool different genres, with inspiration from a variety of sounds including Rock, Pop and Jazz, this is particularly clear on tracks such as Dead Or Alive where those influences really shine, the powerful but cool vocals of Hughes really make this track stand out. The Pop sensibilities of the album are much clearer on tracks such as Uh Huh, where the melody and catchy vocals are going to get stuck in your head.

Kylie Hughes makes an album that’s kind of impossible to dislike. Packed with tracks created for you to sing along to partnered with melodies that showcase the talent she has,  it has a diverse range of songs that show Hughes’ versatility when it comes to making music, and its a treat to the ears. Highlights for me on this track are Fallin’, Dead Or Alive and Little Did You Know – I find when these songs are kept  simple with acoustic vibes, the quality of her voice and writing stood out all the more.



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