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Review: Ailbhe Reddy – Attach To Memory.

Ailbhe Reddy releases her new EP today, Attach To Memory released worldwide via AWAL/Kobalt. A musician who already has over a million plays, Reddy certainly has been getting the attention she deserves if this EP is anything to go by. Ailbhe Reddy plays at the Cambridge Folk Festival this July and I recommend you see her.

Reddy’s vocals are stunning and deliver some heartfelt lyricism throughout, making an emotional impact as this EP goes on. The versatility of her vocals, as she uses its fragile sound and then powers into the chorus on tracks such as Fingertips is stunning and this continues throughout this record as she uses it to deliver some incredible lyricism.

The tempo of the record perfectly matches the vocal. The slow burn of tracks such as Fingertips delivers and the emotional tone of tracks such as Loose sound incredible with the rising vocal of Reddy as she starts the track. The melodies are stripped back melding guitar melodies and synth blend together brilliantly throughout using them with perfect timing that makes me think live this EP is going to sound so good.

Attach To Memory is an excellent EP, highlighting her talent for great melodies but more, an incredible vocal which is on display throughout this record, with stunning high notes and powerful vocal that drives that emotion through these songs. It is impossible to give you a highlight as all three tracks on this EP are an amazing listen.



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