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Review: Doghouse Charlie – Three Sisters.

Doghouse Charlie tomorrow self release their new album Three Sisters. A raucous musical collective consisting of members from Pity Party, Cherokee Red, & the nu- grass group Cabinet, the band create a great sound together and that shows on first track Susquehanna which you can give listen to through Soundcloud here.

This band and melodies, wow. From the start the melodies set this dreamy landscape which runs and twists throughout this album with rare quality. Subtle drumwork that brings a beat with twinkly melodies on tracks such as Lake Silkworth give this song life and a lightness to the melody that fits perfectly with the scene the band paint.

The vocals partnered with the sound though really make these tracks stand out. The floating melodies that drift through these songs sound so good together throughout the album from Vow to Come Back As A Tree. The female vocals sound ethereal and the male vocals give this album a rawness that pull you in with ease.

An album that conveys a mood throughout, this band create a coherent album that may be rough around the edges, but it is a intriguing album that keeps you captivated to the end as the band bring in different sounds and instruments to make Three Sisters hard to forget. There are many highlights throughout this album as this band make clear their expertise with melodies particularly on songs such as Old Rainbows and Party Song, as they create a cacophony of sound that works, if you like Folk or Nu-Grass, you need to hear this album.



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