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Review: Kat Pace – Back Home.

Displaying Kat Pace this week releases her new record, Back Home. The singer who changes direction on this record for a Soul Pop vibe, following up from her EP, Survivor released last year which showcased just what this musician can do. You can give a listen to the first track from the album Revenge here.

Pace’s vocals certainly haven’t suffered since her last record. Delivering some excellent lyricism throughout the album with a stunning voice, Pace has the perfect voice for her new direction and it shows on tracks such as Easy As You. A voice that is filled with emotion that delivers every word with an impact, Pace stands out on this record.

Entwining piano melodies and smooth guitar work on this record throughout, Pace certainly has great sounds to accompany her excellent vocal. Tracks such as Yesterday’s News accentuate that guitar work on Back Home giving the song a sweet foundation on the track that just works. This is also the case on songs such as You’re Gonna Get What’s Coming too which raises the paces with strong drum beats and a feisty riff that makes it a stand out track.

An album that showcases Kat Pace’s talent for choruses and melodies, Back Home is a great debut album from the singer who is just going to get better from here. So many highlights on this album throughout, however the ones that stand out to me are I’m Cut – this collaboration with Antoine Harris is excellent along with You’re Gonna Get What’s Coming and Yesterday’s News.



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