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Review: The Letter Black – Pain.

The letter BlackThe Letter Black return with a new album today, Pain, which is released through EMP Label Group.  Produced by guitarist Mark Anthony, and mixed by the legendary Ben Grosse whose worked with Blink 182 and Disturbed, the album is an aggressive step forward, showing the band venturing into heavier new territory.

Sarah Anthony is a powerful vocalist and it certainly shows on this album. Tracks such as Rock’s Not Dead and The Last Day That I Care certainly highlight the strength of her vocals and in combination with the male screaming vocals, the band’s talent for writing huge choruses are delivered with a raw power throughout. Tracks such as Kill The Devil in particular stand out as that chorus is driven home with a visceral voice.

The band’s melodies do sound great on this record, tracks such as Alive where the pace slows down, Anthony delivers an incredibly emotional ballad that is backed up by the melodies the band create with great guitar work. On the flipside though are tracks such as Rise From The Dead. Raising the energy quickly, this band bring in a huge solo and heavy drums that make you pay attention – something that runs throughout the pacier tracks on this album.

A great return for the band, its angry, its raw and melodically sound throughout, the band delivering huge riffs and drum work that brings these tracks to life. Highlights for me on this album are Rise From The Dead, Holding On and Alive – These tracks show what this band can do on this album.



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