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Review: AyOwA – Eremit EP.

AyOwA are a band who I have written about for some time, and have never disappointed and it doesn’t change on their EP, Eremit which was released on May 19th through Music For Dreams. You can find out more about the duo’s music and listen to the band’s record through Facebook here.

A band who weave ethereal sounds with darker moments with ease, AyOwA make it clear from the start this continues on this new EP, with the thudding beat and swirling sounds of Fri starting the record and being a great example of this pair’s talent – building up into a memorable track and that theme continues on Newcross.

The vocal samples on this record are stunning, the vocals swimming through waves of Electronic Dream are captivating, particularly on tracks such as Sommer where they float with the melodies with real elegance throughout and this is consistent throughout the EP, the band really are so good at what they do and it shows here.

An EP that illustrates the craftmanship that goes into a record, with it’s blending of vocal layers, synth melodies and dark beats, this band continue to be impressive. Scandinavia has an incredible amount of talent right now from Blood Command to Hajk and you can definitely include AyOwA in that list. Highlights for me are Sommer and Sandkorn which rounds off this EP brilliantly.



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