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Review: Smidley – Self Titled.

Smidley release their debut self titled album this week through Triple Crown Records. The band, who are combination of musicians from Tiger’s Jaw,  Foxing and Sorority Noise, have released a first track from the album already in Dead Retrievers which you can give a listen to here and based on this, it should be a must-listen.

With such a collection of expertise when it comes to melodies on this album it is not surprising that this album sounds so good. Dead Retrievers is a good illustration of this, however this album gets better and better as it goes on. Tracks such as Pink Gallo certainly stand out, with melodies that build and slow down with brilliance and combined with Murphy’s vocal sound so good.

Conor Murphy as lead of Foxing sounds so good, so it’s not surprising this doesn’t change on his new project. The vocals really bring that emotion and with such a versatile vocal on the record, it’s delivered brilliantly. This is particularly the case on tracks such as No One Likes You, those high notes blending with the twinkling synth but sombre guitars that balance the track out with real genius that makes it a highlight of the album.

An album that shows so much promise, and probably was always going to with such a great collection of influences, Smidley’s self titled is an excellent record that if you like the band’s involved, you’re probably going to like this. Highlights for me on this album are No One Likes You and Fuck This, the video matching the quality of the track – which you can see for yourself here.



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