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Review: Jen Gloeckner – Vine.

Jen Gloeckner recently released her album Vine. An album that is a combination of weird and wonderful, Gloeckner certainly creates an atmospheric and ethereal sound on Vine that keeps you listening. You can give a listen to  the album through the musician’s Bandcamp now here.

The focus on melodies on this record certainly shows. Gloeckner creates sounds that are spaced out and ethereal throughout Vine, the album working together to create an atmosphere. Tracks such as Breathe certainly are great examples of this, the dark beat and heaviness to the sound really works with the vocals that blend with the sound so well on this record.

Gloeckner’s vocals are unique, and that almost raspy tone is put to incredible use throughout this album, especially on tracks such as Colors which can be contrasted with the smooth sound of her voice on songs such as Counting Sheep, showcasing the versatility of the vocal. The use of vocals samples on songs such as Firefly (War Dance) are subtle but work with the melodies, making for a interesting listen.

An intriguing record that makes clears what Jen Gloeckner can do, it layers different sound and samples that makes for an ambitious album – this album sets it mood and runs with it, creating a mix of melodic light and shade. Highlights for me from Vine, are the title track itself, which has some incredibly  haunting vocals and slow melodies that harmonise perfectly, Colors and the sound of Prayers certainly is worth giving a listen.


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