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Review: Waco – Deathless EP.

Waco this Friday release their EP Deathless through Venn Records. The follow up to last year’s Uprise, the band blend a mixture of influences from  punk, psych and even gospel influences across the five tracks.  You can give a listen to first single off the EP Coolangatta through Soundcloud here.

This band certainly return with an EP that needs to be heard. The gritty authenticity of this band is on full display on this record, particularly on tracks such as Best Friend which closes out this EP as well as making solid choruses that are made to be sung along to. Tracks such as Mother Mercy are certainly proof of this as that band pull you in.

Matching that is the sound this band produce. Guitars pack this EP with aggression and energy in equal amounts, giving life to tracks such as Heavy Heart in combination with those drums making for an amazing listen and that is consistent throughout this record. This band make an EP comprised of tracks you will find it difficult to pick a favourite from.

A band with a trajectory, Waco do certainly have potential on this record for something great to come – there is no weak link on this EP, it leaves you wanting more. Tracks that stand out to me on this record are Best Friend and Mother Mercy, however you won’t regret listening to this in its completeness, it’s well worth it.



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