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Review: Authority Zero – Broadcasting To The Nations.

Authority Zero release their new album this week, Broadcasting To The Nations through Bird Attack Records.  A band  formed in the mid 90’s in Mesa, AZ by a group of high school friends who after a few years,  refined and established their sound: a mix of SoCal punk with reggae and ska tendencies, which is continued here.

Packed with energy from the onset of the record (I mean it begins with a wrestling chant, do you need to know much more?!) Authority Zero raises the energy levels with guitar riffs that fill these songs with bounce that live is going to wake up a crowd with ease. The band also bring a sweet foundation of drums that with the guitars makes for some great melodies throughout the record.

The band match their way with energetic melodies with the quality of their hooks and choruses, particularly tracks such as Destiny & Demise which drags you in, and the slower but still packing a punch track Summer Sickness certainly has an infectious chorus that is made to be sung along something that is a common theme throughout this album. Considering this band have been around for twenty plus years, they certainly still sound like they’re having fun and it shows on this album from start to finish.

Broadcasting To The Nations is a solid album from the band who create tracks made for live shows, with huge hooks and frantic melodies that keep this record’s pace up to the end and it makes for such a great listen. Highlights pack this album however tracks that stand out to me here are La Diabla, Destiny & Demise and Revolution Riot, however this whole album is worth a listen – if you like Ska, Reggae and Punk working together incredibly well, this album is a must listen for you.



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