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Review: Frontline – Cold World.

Cold World, the debut album from Chicago modern rockers Frontline is released tomorrow via Shock Records / Vanity Music Group. Formed in early 2016, the band started out as a solo project for frontman, Jason Delismon and transformed into a band around the same time. You can listen to the band’s first single now Follow here.

What you hear may not be what you expect, but appearances are deceiving. A collection of great tracks with some excellent acoustic work, this band create some stunning melodies on this album throughout. Tracks such as Changes in particular have a sweetness to the melodies that works with the lyricism of the song and this continues to the end of the record.

The lyricism is heartfelt throughout this album and works in harmony with the melodies the band creates on the record. It’s an album that keeps it personal from the start, opening track and single Follow is a powerful track and that’s followed by Cold World which is clear hearing it why it’s the title track. A raw track powered with emotion, the emotion runs throughout the album however it is so much clearer on tracks such as this one, however it can in places feel in need of energy. This band certainly also know how to make a strong chorus, the hooks on tracks as Falling For You are great.

A band that has a strong grasp on the sound they create with stunning melodies that in their simplicity can be emotional, tracks such as Angel are perfect example of this on the record and it makes for a captivatin listen. The more rock elements on tracks such as Follow and Don’t Misunderstand Me build the energy of the album creating a strong record that’s well worth a listen. Highlight for me on Cold World are Follow, Angel and Falling For You.



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