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Review: Waiting For Titor – Halo Pt 1.

Anglo-Italian Alternative quartet Waiting for Titor stake their claim with the impending release of their debut EP Halo pt.1, out on Friday through Diva Records. Mastered by Italian engineer Giovanni Versari whose worked with Muse, You can give a listen to the title track and stand out of the EP, Halo here.

A distinctive vocal that delivers every lyric with a dark sombreness throughout this record, the vocals deliver dramatically with the melodies on tracks such as Halo which build as the track goes on with strong riffs and that dramatic pace continues on tracks such as Diving Into The Black where the intense melodies work with the tone of the vocals really well.

Lyrically strong throughout the EP, the band have a good way with words on this record, tracks such as Halo certainly shine a light on those Nine Inch Nails influences the band have and tracks such as Bitter End certainly deliver huge choruses that certainly are delivered with raw emotion on  this EP. This is also the case with songs such as Leaving Again where that simple chorus pulls you in.

Waiting For Titor make a great debut record, pooling their influences and making them their own throughout this record, bringing that darker sound together with those moody vocals making for an excellent listen. Highlights for me on this record are Leaving Again and Bitter End.




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