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Review: Kamikaze Girls – Seafoam.

Kamikaze Girls release their new album this week, Seafoam through Big Scary Monsters here in the UK. For fans of musicians such as Julien Baker and bands like Muncie Girls, Kamikaze Girls’ debut is set to be an excellent record if their SAD EP is anything to go by. Lead Single Berlin can be heard here.

A raw and ready record from the start, the energy that pours through this album is relentless. Fuzzy riffs blast through the album with style and give tracks such as KG Goes To The Pub that frantic pace the track needs and deserves whereas on tracks such as Deathcap the guitars give the track a nice bounce that makes this track such a great listen.

Livingstone’s vocals live up to the duo’s natural way with melodies. It’s raw power on again KG Goes To The Pub is incredible, but tracks such as Weaker Than and Anxious show the emotion and the softer parts of the vocal that deliver some honest lyricism. This album is powerful lyrically with  a brutality to it that is consistent throughout, tackling issues such as  the impact of suicide, rape culture and anxiety they convey that through the words brilliantly.

Seafoam is an incredible listen from start to finish, the album going in different directions lyrically, but the melodies work together and it makes for an incredible sound throughout.  Kamikaze Girls pack this record with energetic riffs, cutting lyricism and melodies that deliver those words just as brilliantly.  I don’t think there is anything bad about this album, it just delivers everything I want from a record really.  Highlights for me are KG Goes To The Pub, I Don’t Want To Be Sad Forever and Deathcap.



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