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Review: Junior Astronomers – Body Language.

Junior Astronomers this week release their new album Body Language through Refresh Records. Recently playing South by South West, this band certainly are building a great reputation thanks to their critically acclaimed debut Dead Nostalgia. You can give a listen to a hint of the band’s album via Soundcloud, where the band are streaming That’s Why.

Body Language certainly makes clear this band have a very strong grasp on how to make a beat. The album bursts with pops of energy throughout this album consistently, the band using electronic sounds combined with the guitars to create some incredible grooves – this is particularly clear on tracks such as Favourite Hiding Place, where the two working with the drums makes for one of the stand out tracks.

Vocally strong with some huge hooks the band certainly do keep your attention on this record. The band keep it simple lyrically, but that doesn’t make for a bad thing as the band get into the album, tracks such as Mood Ring certainly are proof of this as those bouncy melodies collide with the band’s hooks making for a cool listen on this album. I feel the focus is on the sound on this record and it shows here, the band creating some incredible melodies to partner the lyrics well.

Junior Astronomers make a memorable record that keeps you intrigued throughout as the band keep the pace high and the songs infectious from start to finish. Plenty of highlights on this record, however the tracks that stand out to me on this album are Mood Ring, Laid Out and An Idea.


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