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Review: Pine – Pillow Talk.


Pine release their new EP this week, Pillow Talk through No Sleep Records. The latest signees to the label, the Ottawa post-punkers have a unique blend of emo-meets-shoegaze and and they bring that blend on this latest record. You can give a listen to Viable from the EP through Chorus FM here.

Deschamps vocals from the beginning of this EP are stunning, Dolya showcasing the smooth tone of her vocal beautifully throughout as they deliver lyricism that feels so personal, a honesty that is so rarely delivered with such feeling as here. That continues on tracks such as Viable, the vocals reflecting the emotion of this record.

The melodies back the vocals up just as well. The slow pace of melodies set the tone on tracks such as (Un)rest and build with the vocals as the song goes on that makes this song such an intense listen. This continues on tracks such as Blue Jacket, which wraps up this EP with a blend of soft melodies and the use of vocal samples that really makes for a sweet sound to end the EP with.

Pine are certainly coming into their own on this record and it makes for a great listen. Sometimes it could need a bit more of a pace, but that’s really not a big deal, particularly when you have vocals as good as this and melodies which partner with them to create five tracks that should be heard. Highlights for me are Dolya and Viable.




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