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Review: Brighter Than A Thousand Suns – The Way Out.

Brighter Than A Thousand Suns release their new EP this week, The Way Out. Creating a mix of Electro Rock and Post Hardcore, the duo create a huge sound that may make you think of bands such as Pvris or 30 Seconds To Mars. You can give a listen to single, The Upside Down through YouTube here.

Exploding with energy from the start, The Upside Down is a great track to open with. Thunderous melodies get this record started with great use of Synth that makes for a brilliant listen and that continues on each track. Title track The Way Out has strong riffs and some bombastic drum work that certainly gives the verses an impact.

The vocals are powerful and they deliver some powerful lyrics on this record, tracks such as What’s Inside certainly are that and delivered by Angelika Roswell sound incredible. With soaring high notes and layers of vocals working in the background on the track it all adds up to an incredibly intense listen to wrap up this record.

A great return from the duo, Brighter Than A Thousand Suns are experts in honing their sound and they do it well on their new record. Dramatic melodies and vocals that deliver on every song, The Way Out is a great way in with this band. Highlights for me are What’s Inside and The Upside Down.



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