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Review: Royal Street – Flavors.

Today, Royal Street release their album Flavors. a pop rock act from Providence, Rhode Island who specialise in infectious, funky tunes – from the modern pop hooks of Maroon 5 to the alt-rock sounds of Taking Back Sunday or Paramore, they certainly show that on their new record. You can listen to lead single, Make Believe now here.

Flavors certainly is packed with some big tracks, the band know how to make a chorus and it shows throughout this album, starting at the beginning with Night After Night and through to tracks such as Say Hello, This band keep creating tracks that are designed to be stuck in your head for a long time to come.

The sound the band go for keep energy up on this record, never losing momentum throughout. Guitars give these tracks life and the drumwork is solid and certainly filling these songs up with some great beats, tracks such as Cranston Crank are perfect examples of this, working with the twangy guitars on the track that make it a highlight on this album.

Royal Street make an album filled with big poop hooks and strong riffs that work together to make for some brilliant tracks throughout this record, the band creating an impressive sound. Newton’s vocals are brilliant on Flavors, a crystal clear voice that packs a punch on every track and one that I want to hear more from. Highlights for me on this album are Say Hello, Night After Night and the chorus on lead single, Make Believe is one of their best.




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