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Review: Dawn Of Ashes – Daemonolatry Gnosis.

Dawn Of Ashes release this week their new album, Daemonolatry Gnosis through Metropolis Records.  Following up from the band’s last record Theophany this record promises the band’s most brutal fusion of Extreme Symphonic Black Metal in their long history. You can give a listen to a track from the album, Guardian now here through Bandcamp.

‘I warn you, this could scare you’ opens track Gods Of The Antinomian Path, and honestly, that’s very perceptive of them. This band bring in this dark and dangerous mood to the record from the second it begins, with blistering drumwork that pummels your eardrums and use of vocal sampling to add the dark mood this album conjures from the start and continues to the finish.

The vocals are brutal throughout this record, Bathory’s vocals roar throughout this record with great clarity, the production shining a light on just how good they are on this record, compared to previous and they blend with the melodies the band have created so well. Magick For The New Aeon features Lindsay Schoolcraft from Cradle Of Filth and the band use her soaring vocals on this album incredibly well, weaving almost heavenly high notes into the melodies that add another dimension to the track.

A band that has certainly pushed their sound further and to new extremes, Dawn Of Ashes certainly know what they want to create and that is moody, atmospheric, dark metal and they nail it on this album. In places the pace could be picked up however Dawn Of Ashes can definitely hold their own, that riff grinding through tracks such as Augoeides and how they play through Mayhem’s Freezing Moon, it’s clear this band can bring it when they want to. Highlights for me  are Magick For The New Aeon and Smash Thy Enemies – this is what violins should be used for.



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